Global Asset Tracking

Osprey Portable Tracker

The Osprey Portable Tracker is an integrated, cost-effective, portable satellite terminal for tracking, communicating and managing personnel in remote or dangerous locations.

  • Secure Satellite Connectivity
    Tracks and monitors assets and personnel, anywhere in the world.
  • Robust and Lightweight
    IP67-rated device is rugged yet easy-to-carry, making it suitable for long-term use in virtually all environments.
  • Reliable and Affordable
    Field-proven IsatM2M service offers full-featured tracking and monitoring applications, using low-cost satellite connectivity.
  • Convenient Online Access
    Facilitates the viewing of assets in a standard browser, or integrates data feeds into custom enterprise resource planning solutions.
  • Two-way Communication
    Quickly locates team members based on location and status, and sends text messages to other Ospreys without going through central command.
  • Dedicated Alert Button
    Allows users to quickly warn others about potential dangers.
  • Point-of-interest Button
    Quickly add points-of-interest to commonly used maps to indicate safe/unsafe areas to team members.
  • Capabilities
    Worldwide two-way tracking and messaging
    GPS: 50 channel GPS
    Dedicated panic button
  • Satellite Communications
    Antennas: GPS and RF
    Accuracy: ±2.5m
    Alert Acknowledge Latency: ~60 seconds
    Data Format: Encrypted
  • Device Interfaces
    External power
    Remote antenna and mounting kit (Optional)
  • Operational
    Activation: One-hand gloved operation, left or right
    Controls: Dedicated Power, Alert, and Point of interest buttons, Panic button
    Displays: Local display of location and status information
  • Environmental
    Depth: Waterproof to 1m (3.28 feet)
    Operating Temperature Range: -20°c to +55°c (-4F to +131F)
    Built-in Test: Functional test with pass/fail indicators
    Storage Temperature: -40°c to +70°c (-40F to +158F)
  • Construction
    Material: Aluminum and PVC
    Color: High-visibility yellow
    Weight: 350g (12.34 oz.) including batteries
    Dimensions: 180 x 85 x 40mm (7.0” x 3.3” x 1.6”)
  • Batteries
    Type: Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
    Battery life: 10 days (reporting every 60 minutes)