Critical Communication


Hytera DMR Radio communication beyond the geographical limitations by using Inmarsat Satellite BGAN PTT+ solution - A solution that enables the end users to have radio communication through a single unified system. First responders and public safety teams need communications certainty, especially where fixed networks have failed. The BGAN PTT+ solution provides critical communication users a way to maintain connectivity, on the move, regardless of the situation on the ground and at sea. BGAN PTT+ integrates seamlessly with existing radio systems, enabling users to operate as normal without the fear of losing voice and data networks due to cellular black spots, network overload in a crisis or after man-made or natural disasters hit the communications infrastructure.

  • Always on bandwidth, extend coverage areas, reduce infrastructure cost with existing radio solutions
  • Fixed price VoIP - use as much as you need for the equivalent of a cellular subscription
  • Expands reach to include your UHF/VHF devices beyond-line-of sight (BLOS)
  • Creates a bubble around a vehicle for radio communication within the coverage area
  • No need to bulk-integrate - take one radio at a time
  • Simple, single fixed price for talk groups of any size - national to global
  • Inter-agency talk groups on the fly - can immediately communicate directly from vehicle-vehicle, all connected devices and respective HQ configured over the air
  • Remote support through our 24x7 Network Operations Centre