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Vessel Monitoring Systems, Buoy Tracking and AIS Data for Vital Ship-to-Shore Communications

We provide critical near real-time vessel monitoring, ocean buoy tracking and AIS ship tracking for commercial fishing boats and merchant fleets travelling global waters.

Our Maritime tracking devices enable two-way vessel monitoring for critical ship-to-shore communications and compliance, while simplifying the development of Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS). Vessel tracking systems also improve maritime security and fuel efficiency while cost-efficiently ensuring regulatory compliance.

  • Enhance Maritime Safety and Guide Rescue Operations
  • Simplify Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Deployment
  • Reduce Vessel Fuel Costs and Monitor Engine Performance
  • Monitor Vessel Performance and Reduce Paperwork


Our devices are designed specifically for buoy tracking, providing effective and efficient communications between all sea-going vessels and maritime buoys in some of the most remote areas of the world. Buoy tracking solutions based on ORBCOMM technology and seamless network service coverage across five oceans have long been used as Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD) and are the optimal method to track oil spills and transmit environmental data at sea.

  • Track Buoys for Optimized Fishing and Fuel Consumption
  • Locate Buoy Position and Transmit Environmental Data
  • Monitor Buoys Remotely for Efficient Reporting


We are the global market leader in terrestrial and satellite AIS (Automatic Identification System) data services, used by ships and vessel traffic services for identification, location information and much more.

AIS Data: The ORBCOMM Advantage

  • The Most Comprehensive Global AIS Service
  • Establishedand Financially Stable

AIS Data Applications

AIS data is used mainly for location information and collision avoidance, but is increasingly being used in other novel applications:

  • Enhance Surveillance and Security
  • Counter Piracy Attacks
  • Improve Search and Rescue
  • Support Fisheries and Environmental Monitoring