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Remote Monitoring for Continuous Operation of Industrial Assets

It’s critical to know the current status of equipment and identify problems as they occur, without the cost and inefficiency of sending field operators to verify the status of each site. Our devices and solutions are to remotely monitor equipment and sensors used in SCADA systems, oil & gas production, above and underground mining operations, agriculture and utilities management

Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and mine fleet management solutions enable complete visibility of above and underground mining operations. By combining real-time location systems (RTLS), cellular, satellite and other technologies, our fleet and underground mine tracking solutions provide operators the insight they need to maximize mine production and profitability, no matter how remote.

  • Improve Mining Fleet Safety and Efficiency
  • Track Underground Mining Assets while Reducing Costs
  • Monitor and Control Fixed Mining Equipment
  • Monitor Weather and Environmental Conditions at Remote Mine Sites


Remotely monitor SCADA system infrastructure with ORBCOMM’s secure and reliable satellite, cellular and dual-mode communications devices Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an integral part of every energy operation. Our devices and SCADA connectivity solutions enable cost-effective monitoring and remote management of critical equipment, in some of the most remote areas of the world.
Solution enables the collection of equipment data from remote SCADA sites and converts it into actionable intelligence using cost-effective and reliable satellite and cellular communications.

  • Gain Full Visibility of Remote SCADA System Sites
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Equipment Downtime
  • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Site Visits
  • Connect to Remote PLCs and RTUs

Oil and gas companies need to ensure continuous operation of critical equipment, no matter how remote. This means knowing exactly where your fleets and equipment are, how they are performing and identifying problems as they occur.
With the only telematics solution born in the oil & gas industry, and the rugged industrial devices to match, we purpose-built technology is designed to meet the unique needs of oil & gas operators. Our reliable networks and devices help oil and gas companies enhance digital oilfield initiatives for improved operations, reduced operating costs and increased profits.

  • Increase Oil & Gas Fleet Efficiency and Driver Safety
  • Monitor and Control Remote Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Monitor Pipelines for Cathodic Protection and Security
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

Utility companies are looking for smart grid solutions to affordably and reliably extend their communication network to improve electricity distribution and prevent outages, particularly where multiple installation points exist across remote areas.
Similarly, water monitoring is becoming increasingly challenging in remote areas, with utilities, governments and industry looking for ways to automate water meter readings, detect water leaks, improve efficiency and control water quality.
ORBCOMM remote water monitoring and utilities management technology delivers alerts and reports from remote sites, helping to improve delivery, regulation, analysis and response.

  • Improve Electricity Distribution and Service Delivery
  • Improve Water Management and Automate Water Meter Reading
  • Use Smarter Irrigation for More Efficient Agriculture Operations
  • Enhance Public Safety and Emergency Response
  • Improve Utilities Fleet Management and Driver Safety