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PRO 400

ORBCOMM’s Pro-400 monitors driver behaviour and alerts drivers and managers when actions that may compromise safety are detected. With state-of-the-art coaching technology, the Pro-400 talks to drivers, telling them when they are speeding, driving aggressively or not wearing a seat belt to help them develop better driving habits.
The Pro-400 is used with a mobile app and a cloud-based application as part of a comprehensive solution. In addition to in-cab coaching, the solution sends data to the application, allowing managers to receive alerts and generate reports to track driver performance, fleet status and productivity, as well as to ensure compliance with regulations

  • Cellular-based telematics for driver safety and fleet management applications
  • The versatile Pro-400 helps fleet managers improve driver safety, enhance productivity and ensure compliance.
  • Out-of-the box driver safety and fleet management
  • Comprehensive mobile and cloud-based application
  • Cellular communications with optional backup satellite
  • Light to heavy duty vehicle support