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IOT, M2M & Secured Solutions:

Global Beam Telecom offers a broad portfolio of M2M & IOT solutions, services and software platforms that allow enterprise and people to remotely track monitor and control assets anywhere in the world
We provide the technology, enables customers the need to design, build & deploy IOT secured solutions and assure reliable and robust solutions for any industry such as Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Energy, Maritime, and Government & Military.
Our complete solutions include the world’s most comprehensive range of high performance IOT Modules, connectivity services and all the essential technology software for building the blocks.

The IOT & M2M Secured Solutions for Land, Aviation & Maritime:

Enterprise-grade hardware from Industry leading OEM’s

Designed for the extreme conditions and to comply with the stringent standards, our product modules can be easily adapted to multiple markets and technologies.

Enterprise Software Platform transforms business

We reduce the complexity of connecting ‘terminals to apps’ with a comprehensive platform for collecting, managing and analyzing critical device data. Our IoT Platform is available as a subscription-based cloud service or on premise installation.

Powerful Connectivity Services

Our IoT SIM cards and global data plans meet a variety of applications and customer bandwidth requirements - from only a few short data messages a month to high-levels of data streaming in real time

The Concept of IOT & M2M Secured Solutions!

M2M: a broad term used to describe any technology that allows devices, objects and machines to exchange information and perform actions without any human intervention.

IOT: As the names goes it stands for INTERNET OF THINGS, a system of integrated devices, machines and objects that are connected over wireless network and that use identifiers to exchange and analyze data.

Connect With Us for IOT & M2M Secured solutions to benefit from:

  • Global Connectivity
  • Real time visibility and tracking of assets
  • Simplifies process and reduce complexity
  • Transform & Optimize the business process
  • Integrate data from M2M devices
  • Transform data into actionable information.

We expedite your business transformation!!

Our Focus Verticals!

Fleet Management Solutions

Collect Real Time Tracking information & Monitoring Assets, Trucks-In Cab, Trailers, Dry Van, Chassis, Intermodal container, Cargo security.


  • Safe & Complaint
  • Effective Management of fuel usage , speed analysis, driver behavior & performance
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce expenses
  • Save significant cost and increase profitability
  • Our Telematics application is on easy to use platform ,hardware independent and can be integrated with any hardware
  • Generate Alerts: Anti Theft, Hard Braking Alerts and reports, Coolant temperature Alerts, Quick acceleration alerts and reports, Power Loss Alerts.
  • View of Maps and Geo-fencing
  • Create Reports: Preventive maintenance reports, temperature monitoring, Idle Reports, and scheduled service reports

Cold Chain Management for Logistics and Distribution

Optimize production and avoid costly disruption with real-time visibility throughout the value chain. Complete end-to-end solutions for two-way wireless tracking and monitoring of reefers, containers and other assets involved in the cold chain—whether on land, rail or sea.
Solution: for Reefer fleet, Refrigerated rail, Sea containers, Containers that operate multi-temperature, Multi zone trailers.
We, implement cold chain monitoring solutions that provide complete control to protect refrigerated cargo and optimize utilization.


  • Monitor Cold Chain Operations for Increased Profitability
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption and Fleet Operating Costs
  • Improve the Safety of Food and Pharmaceutical Transport
  • Enhance Regulatory Compliance
  • Track Gensets for Fuel, Location and Operating Status
  • Integrate Easily into Dispatch Systems

Vessel & Buoy Monitoring Solutions

IOT & M2M solutions are optimized to provide near real-time, remote vessel tracking, monitoring and control for commercial fishing boats, merchant marine fleets as well as ocean buoys travelling global waters.
Through the versatile suite of programmable satellite and dual-mode devices, & enterprise software: we enable commercial fleets of any size to maintain vital data communications links with home ports, no matter where they are on the world's oceans.


  • Complete & Simplified Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)
  • Track, Locate and Monitor Buoys remotely
  • True Global Monitoring and tracking vessels via satellite operating within regulated Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ)
  • Designed for the tough marine environment & improve maritime security
  • SS-VMS Satellite Beacon Transponder: vessel’s ID, position, course and speed
  • Dedicated VMS server with secure encryption of data & Confidentiality
  • Cost-efficient & Comply with regulations
  • Vessel tracking systems also Monitor Vessel engine Performance, reduce vessel fuel cost, and Reduce Paperwork
  • Generate Alarms, reports & trip based management
  • Events Management
  • Detailed report & Analytics
  • Easy to Install & Maintain

Automatic Identification Systems

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a shipboard broadcast system that transmits a vessel’s identification, position and other critical data that can be used to assist in navigation, improve maritime safety and track vessels for fleet management or maritime law enforcement


Maritime Safety

  • Improve maritime safety
  • Locate vessels in distress anywhere in the world
  • Minimize damage to and loss of vessels
  • Ensure rapid response time for rescue operations
  • Reduce risk to rescue team

Surveillance and Security

  • Enhance overall rescue coordination
  • Enhance maritime domain awareness
  • Support national security programs worldwide
  • Help with collision avoidance
  • Improve efficiency of managing port traffic
  • Enable quick response to anomalies

Fisheries and Environmental Monitoring

  • Help better manage and control fisheries
  • Preserve and protect the marine environment
  • Prevent marine pollution incidents
  • Optimize regulatory compliance in global waterways
  • Facilitate commerce
  • Improve vessel traffic management

Heavy Equipment/Government & Military:Asset Tracking

Heavy equipment, Governement & Military tracking solutions combines multi-network connectivity, leading-edge Telematics devices and powerful web applications to support the complete value chain, from OEMs to dealers and fleet owners.
Optimize asset usage, locating equipment, improving preventative maintenance, helping avoid theft, maximizing fuel efficiency and more:


  • Real time tracking, monitor fuel consumption
  • Generate alerts for theft, get mileage reports & improve, Optimize Asset Utilization
  • Creating maintenance logs, reports, plan preventive repairs
  • Improve maintenance , reduce repairs & equipment downtime
  • Gain Complete Fleet Visibility with real time location reports
  • Use geofences and enhance operator safety
  • Enhance Operational Efficiency

Government & Military Emergency Preparedness

Better communication means better emergency preparedness, quicker evacuations, and improved logistics during post-disaster crisis management.

Solutions for Emergency Events Managemen

  • Weather Monitoring: Collect and transmit near real-time data from weather instruments or data loggers connected to sensors.
  • Warning Systems: Monitor and activate/deactivate siren warning systems, check for status and maintenance issues.
  • Fleet Management: Maintain GPS tracking of rescue vehicles and enable text-messaging for mobile worker communication.
  • Post-Disaster Resource Monitoring: Transmit water quality data in real-time when sending crews into dangerous areas.
  • Cellular Backup: Maintain vital communication links to perform the above tasks, when cellular service is congested or unavailable

Mining Asset Tracking


Improve Mining Fleet Safety and Efficiency

  • Track mining vehicles in real-time
  • Use verbal in-cab driver coaching alerts Speed-by-Street™: Compare vehicle speed to
  • Get instant alerts Improve preventative maintenance and reduce downtime
  • Maximize production

Track Underground Mining Assets while Reducing Costs

  • Use real-time location systems (RTLS), RFID tracking, Wi-Fi, sensors, mobile devices, to gain full visibility of underground mining operations.
  • Track mine workers, monitor entrances/exits and evacuation status
  • Receive alerts and dispatch first responders for improved worker safety.
  • Monitor voltage, temperature, humidity and gas levels sensors for improved operations and reduced costs.
  • Improve energy efficiency and worker health with location-based ventilation on demand (VOD) systems.

Monitor and Control Fixed Mining Equipment

  • Eliminate unexpected mining equipment failures by monitoring sensors and equipment logs.
  • Reduce expensive mine site visits by automatically collecting telemetry data from remote sensors.
  • Establish a low cost, quick and easy-to-install communication link without requiring major capital investment.

Monitor Weather and Environmental Conditions at Remote Mine Sites

  • Transmit data from remote weather stations at remote mine sites.
  • Remotely measure water quality and flow, and control pumps and mining flood control systems.
  • Measure and control dust levels to protect mining equipment

SCADA System Monitoring

Remotely monitor SCADA system infrastructure with ORBCOMM’s secure and reliable satellite, cellular and dual-mode communications devices Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an integral part of every energy operation. Our devices and SCADA connectivity solutions enable cost-effective monitoring and remote management of critical equipment, in some of the most remote areas of the world. Solution enables the collection of equipment data from remote SCADA sites and converts it into actionable intelligence using cost-effective and reliable satellite and cellular communications

  • Gain Full Visibility of Remote SCADA System Sites
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Equipment Downtime
  • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Site Visits
  • Connect to Remote PLCs and RTUs

Oil & Gas Equipment & Pipeline Monitoring

Oil and gas companies need to ensure continuous operation of critical equipment, no matter how remote. This means knowing exactly where your fleets and equipment are, how they are performing and identifying problems as they occur.
With the only telematics solution born in the oil & gas industry, and the rugged industrial devices to match, we purpose-built technology is designed to meet the unique needs of oil & gas operators. Our reliable networks and devices help oil and gas companies enhance digital oilfield initiatives for improved operations, reduced operating costs and increased profits.


  • Increase Oil & Gas Fleet Efficiency and Driver Safety
  • Monitor and Control Remote Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Monitor Pipelines for Cathodic Protection and Security
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

The Personnel tracking software solution for the real time tracking & visibility of employee and ensure employee safety management. Solution includes GPS tracking options to actually keep track of employees/workers at the site or locations during working hours.


  • Simple App that is installed in the worker mobile/ handheld device that supports IoS, android platform
  • Enables personnel tracking with one touch
  • Geofencing capability
  • Generation of alerts and reports
  • Includes Emergency Panic Button/Touch
  • For any industry: Transportation, Marine, Heavy Equipment, Oil & Gas, Government/Military and Enterprise Office