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SG 7100

The compact, robust and fully-programmable SG-7100 cellular gateway goes beyond redundant status checking and alerts. Use it to improve daily operations, enhance productivity, and avoid costly maintenance shutdowns and delays.

  • GPS Fleet Tracking and Industrial Asset Monitoring
  • Fully programmable, broadband connectivity for fleet management and fixed asset monitoring applications.
  • Cellular, wi-fi or satellite
  • Easy programming/ configuration
  • Integration flexibility
  • Quick to deploy and easy to manage
  • Small footprint
  • Its the first powerfully smart, fully-programmable and configurable cellular communications gateway for GPS fleet tracking and industrial asset monitoring applications.
  • Compact, flexible, and robust M2M communications platform is engineered to efficiently and cost-effectively collect actionable data over cellular networks.
  • The SG-7100 cellular communications gateway is a powerful cellular platform with optional Wi-Fi and satellite, providing broadband connectivity for easy integration into fleet management and industrial fixed asset monitoring applications.