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Global Beam Telecom offers a wide range of high-quality communication equipment and services to meet the ever-evolving needs of industry sectors like defense, energy, media, marine, government and NGOs. From hand-portable satellite phones that work in remote locations to high-speed broadband for vessels on sail, we have it all.

Global tracking is amongst our core areas of focus, which helps our customers safeguard their high-value assets. We also deal with Garmin products to serve our onshore / offshore customers who seek Global Positioning Systems. To enhance connectivity and reach further, we have also designed a range of exclusive, value-added services to meet our customers' unique needs.

It is our competence in solving equipment reliability issues and business challenges through innovative and cost effective solutions that has made us a trusted business partner for customers worldwide.

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GSatTrack is the most advanced and innovative satellite tracking platform available. Powered by Inmarsat’s global satellite network, and certified for use on Inmarsat’s network, GSatTrack utilises cutting-edge technology and advanced features to provide the most complete monitoring solution of any asset, anywhere in the world.

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Organisations operating in remote environments rely on connectivity to be productive, whether it is for videoconferencing head office, or broadcasters reporting breaking news live from the heart of the action. These solutions, combined with Inmarsat’s global IP network, ensure these organisations can deliver critical communications from wherever they are based.

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A ruggedised and easy to use Digital Push-To-Talk communication, designed to cost effectively replace or expand VHF/UHF based trunk radio systems. Voice-over-IP technologies optimised for use seamlessly under difficult satellite or terrestrial link conditions.

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CPN Enclosure

CPN Enclosure - A rugged BGAN terminal enclosure to provide protection in the most extreme environmental conditions, anywhere in the world.

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Bebop 2

The Bebop 2 Drone, from Parrot, is a lightweight, radio-controlled drone with an inbuilt fisheye lens camera for aerial filming and photography. When used with Inmarsat’s BGAN service, the Bebop 2 drone offers live video broadcasting via satellite, wherever and whenever you need it.

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Optimizer Crew is a powerful WiFi router that optimises a satellite broadband connection to increase Internet efficiency, control costs and allow multi-person access.

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