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ST 6100

ORBCOMM’s ST 6100 satellite terminal delivers complete visibility and control of industrial assets operating in remote areas. The versatile, environmentally sealed ST 6100 can be installed on mobile assets such as light-and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, railcars, fishing vessels, heavy equipment and more. And with two-way satellite connectivity, the ST 6100 is ideal for remotely monitoring and controlling fixed and portable assets used in SCADA applications such as those in the energy sector, where access may be restricted, including pipelines, flow meters, pumps, generators and tanks.

  • Next Generation Satellite Terminals for Asset Tracking-more powerful, more versatile, more coverage
  • Reliably track, monitor and control assets in some of the world’s most isolated regions
  • Fully programmable
  • Easy integration
  • Global satellite connectivity
  • Comprehensive integration resources for quick deployment
  • Two-way satellite communications
  • Ruggedized and versatile
  • A newly designed built-in antenna makes it suitable for both land and maritime deployments, which means you can now use a single device on land and sea. The ST 6000 series also features a built-in accelerometer, expanded memory capacity, and support for additional navigation systems.