My Account / Itemised Billing

Our fully automated billing platform with a made to measure call detail records provides flexible reporting tools to understand & improve customer relationships.

Customer Care

Our team provides consistent, reliable & measurable support assuring superior performance & rapid fault resolution. Our customer care is on call 24 x 7 providing committed and responsive support.

Service /Repair Centre

The full time consultants in our technical services division have expertise in all the in-house service centre activities & repairs at a very quick turnaround time. We also provide training and maintenance support to our distributors & end users.

Installations and Technical Survey

With NO compromise on QHSE, our team of qualified installers and technicians will survey, test, install, integrate and commission your equipment within and out of the UAE.

Expert Advice

Finding the right product & solution, which also offers the best value for money, is a challenge. We are here to make things easier for you by offering our advice and know-how if and when you need our help. To reinforce our belief that a customer should always expect to get a top quality product, our expert advisors will help you to choose the most effective solution and will make sure that you are always met with the most reliable and trustworthy service.

Upgrades & Downloads

Download the latest software updates, firmware for the satellite products. By updating your satellite device, you are less likely to encounter compatibility issues in a live setting and less likely to find yourself with an out-dated version. Moreover, our technical staff who are more familiar with current features and issues, are better able to support you in a timely manner.


Frequently asked questions about the various product categories and services will help the distributor & end users to better understand the features & technical specifications.