High Speed Broadband Service

Paradigm The SWARM

The SWARM® can be assembled in 90 seconds and operational, anywhere in the world, in 240 seconds, giving impressively high data rates for its compact size. Lightweight, rugged and ultra-portable, the whole system can be packed into one case which can be carried as airline hand luggage.

  • It is operational on Global Xpress, Avanti, Thor and other high-throughput Ka-Band satellites and can also be configured to operate at Ku and X-Band frequencies as well as Mil-Ka.
  • Pointing is straightforward and fast and the system provides superior satellite connectivity and low power consumption. Designed around the PIM® (Paradigm Interface Module) terminal controller, the integrated audio and visual pointing aids mean that acquiring the satellite is intuitive, quick and tool-free.
  • Airline Hand Luggage
  • Covert Deployment
  • Compact
  • Ultra-Portable
  • Hand Carry Case
  • Military and Black Backpack Options