Empowering Special Forces with Cutting-Edge Satellite Communication from Global Beam Telecom

In the realm of special forces operations, communication is not just a necessity; it's a lifeline. Global Beam Telecom delivers advanced satellite communication solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of special forces missions.


Key Features:


1. Secure Radio Over IP (RoIP): 

   Global Beam's satellite communication hub seamlessly integrates with existing LMR/DMR radios, converting them into a secure and future-proof Radio Over IP solution for special forces.


2. Compatibility with Various Networks: 

   The system is designed to be compatible with a range of radio networks, including DMR, P25, TETRA, LTR, and analog, ensuring adaptability to diverse operational environments.


3. Cellular Connectivity: 

   Incorporate up to two cellular USB modems (3G, 4G, LTE) for additional connectivity options, ensuring continuous communication even in areas with cellular network coverage.


4. Reliable VoIP and Video Conferencing: 

   Enable high-throughput satellite communications for bandwidth-intensive applications such as VoIP and video conferencing, critical for secure and effective mission coordination.





   Special forces can communicate seamlessly across different radio networks, promoting interoperability and collaboration during joint operations.


Autonomous Communication: 

   The system supports autonomous communication, allowing special forces to maintain connectivity and conduct operations even in isolated or off-the-grid locations.


Remote Control via SMS: 

   Special forces gain a management platform for command and control through SMS, facilitating remote configuration, debugging, and access to the system's web interface.


Enhanced Security: 

   With embedded security options, including basic NAT, Relay mode, NAPT, and PPPoE, the communication hub ensures a secure and encrypted communication environment.


Global Beam Telecom's satellite communication solutions empower special forces with the connectivity they need to execute missions with precision, security, and adaptability.

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