Elevate Connectivity on the High Seas

Embark on a seamless yachting experience with cutting-edge satellite communication solutions tailored for the maritime luxury of the yachting market. Global Beam Telecom, in collaboration with Inmarsat, delivers innovative services to keep yacht enthusiasts connected and secure during their oceanic voyages.


Stay Connected with Inmarsat:

Inmarsat's flagship products provide unmatched connectivity, offering reliable voice calling, text messaging, SOS alerts, GPS tracking, and more. Whether cruising in the Mediterranean or exploring remote archipelagos, our solutions ensure continuous communication and safety.


Featured Applications:

1. Voice Communications:

   - Crystal-clear voice calling.

   - Smartphone connectivity for seamless communication.

   - Walkie-talkie-style group communication.


2. Two-Way Messaging:

   - Two-way SMS and messaging.

   - Email and internet access.

   - Social media and photo sharing.


3. Location Services:

   - Precision GPS for navigation.

   - Personal tracking and location sharing.

   - Check-in and interval tracking for added safety.


4. Safety First:

   - SOS alerting for emergency situations.

   - 24/7 SOS monitoring.

   - Search and rescue connectivity.

   - Weather forecasting and reporting.


Global Coverage for Remote Seas:

Escape limitations of conventional cell phone coverage. With more than 80% of the planet lacking cell phone coverage in vast seas, Global Beam Telecom, in partnership with Inmarsat, provides seamless coverage in remote areas and everywhere in between.


Easy-to-Use Products for Yacht Enthusiasts:

Our Inmarsat and Inmarsat Connected satellite communicators are designed with simplicity and functionality. From compact satellite phones to portable global hotspots, our products offer straightforward solutions for connectivity wherever yachting adventures take you.


Portability and SOS Anywhere, Anytime:

Experience ultimate portability with small, lightweight, battery-operated solutions. Count on our products for reliable SOS alerts anywhere in the world, ensuring safety when off the grid.


All-Weather Connectivity:

Our innovative mesh constellation design sets Inmarsat apart, creating a dynamic network in space for robust and highly reliable connections regardless of ground weather conditions.


In summary, Global Beam Telecom's tailored solutions redefine how yacht enthusiasts stay connected and safe during their oceanic adventures. Elevate your yachting experience with our reliable and innovative satellite communication services.

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