Customer Challenge:

 In the fast-paced digital landscape, businesses and individuals face the challenge of staying connected in remote or underserved areas. Whether you're a field professional conducting research in remote locations, a journalist reporting from the field, or a business executive requiring reliable connectivity on the go, the struggle is real. Conventional networks often fall short, leaving you disconnected when you need it the most.

Our Solution:

 We understand the critical need for uninterrupted connectivity. Our solution lies in the Inmarsat BGAN technology, and we proudly present the Explorer 510, Explorer 710, and Explorer 323 satellite terminals. These cutting-edge devices are designed to provide high-speed, reliable broadband connectivity, ensuring you stay connected to your work, colleagues, or loved ones, regardless of your location.

Solution Features:

·         ·         BGAN

-          Simultaneous data and voice communications via compact terminals.

-          Operates on the L-band satellite network with 99.9% availability.

-          Achieves Standard IP data speeds of up to 492kbps and streaming speeds from 32bps to 800kbps (BGAN HDR).

·         ·         BGAN HDR (High Data Rate)

-          Supports high data streaming rates, reaching speeds of up to 800kbps.

-          Ideal for broadcasters, media organizations, and governments requiring superior video quality globally.

-          Terminals can be bonded for speeds over 1Mbps, previously possible only with a VSAT uplink.

·         ·         BGAN PTT (Push-to-Talk)

-          Real-time communications and telemetry capabilities for tracking remote workers and assets.

-          Built on the BGAN service with a walkie-talkie style voice component.

·        ·         Service Plans

-          Tailored plans for mission-critical needs, network priority, flexibility, and data sharing.

-          Commitments ranging from 3 to 36 months with flexible billing options.

·        ·         Terminals

-          Small, lightweight, and quick-to-set-up satellite terminals for portable use.

The Markets Associated with

BGAN : Unleashing Global Connectivity for Anywhere, Anytime Communication