Customer Challenge:

Utility companies and oil and gas installations operate in diverse and often remote locations, where traditional communication infrastructure is inadequate. Distribution failures can disrupt both consumers and the economy, emphasizing the need for resilient communication systems. Strict safety standards and regulatory requirements mandate intrinsically safe communication solutions to protect the workforce and the environment.


Our Solution:

We offer a comprehensive range of communication solutions designed to meet the stringent requirements of the utilities and energy industry. Our portfolio includes narrowband mission-critical voice products, broadband data infrastructure, and robust terminals and accessories, providing reliable communications anytime, anywhere. Leveraging Hytera's cutting-edge technology, our solutions ensure crystal-clear communication and enhanced safety features, even in the most challenging environments.


Meeting the Standards:

Our explosion-proof radios adhere to rigorous international standards, including ATEX, IECEX, FM, UL, CSA of Canada, and TIIS of Japan, ensuring compliance with intrinsic safety regulations. Built-in GNSS modules enable precise positioning and tracking, while safety features such as Man Down and Lone Worker enhance workforce safety in hazardous environments.


Improving Efficiency:

Private radio systems facilitate group calling and segregated call groups based on job roles or tasks, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and safety while reducing costs. Direct Mode Operations enable direct communication radio-to-radio, ideal for remote installations beyond the main coverage area.

Solution Features:

·                            ·         Hytera noise-canceling technology eliminates background sounds for clearer audio in noisy environments.

·         SCADA and IoT Integration: DMR networks transmit SCADA information using remote telemetry, monitoring, and controlling assets remotely.

·         Bodycams: Hytera bodycams record incidents or faults, with the option for live streaming over Wi-Fi or broadband networks.

·         Converged Communications: Our solutions integrate mission-critical voice, CCTV, vehicle and body worn camera feeds, IoT sensor data, and more onto a unified platform.

·         Reliable Coverage: Hytera's DMR solutions ensure wide area signal coverage for reliable communication, even in harsh conditions.

·         Group Calling: Radios support group calls, allowing supervisors to communicate with colleagues simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency.

·         Robust Devices: Hytera offers military-grade terminals capable of withstanding harsh environments, including drops, shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures, dust, dirt, and water ingress.




The Markets Associated with

Empowering Seamless Communications for Utilities and Energy