Customer Challenge

 In the fast-paced realm of transport, managing and tracking containers poses a unique set of challenges. From optimizing logistics to ensuring the security of valuable cargo, transportation professionals grapple with the need for real-time visibility and control. Traditional methods fall short in providing the precision required to streamline operations and safeguard assets, leaving businesses susceptible to inefficiencies and potential risks.

Our Solution

 We understand the pivotal role that container tracking plays in the transport industry. Introducing our solution – the ST6100 and ST9100. These state-of-the-art devices redefine container tracking, offering unparalleled accuracy, real-time monitoring, and robust security features. Our solution empowers transport businesses to take charge of their logistics, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure the safety of valuable cargo.

Solution Features

·     Real-Time Tracking: The ST6100 and ST9100 provide real-time tracking, offering instant visibility into the location and status of containers. This feature enables precise scheduling, reducing delays and optimizing transportation routes.

·    Advanced Security: Safeguard your cargo with advanced security features, including tamper detection and geo-fencing capabilities. Receive instant alerts for any unauthorized access or deviation from predefined routes, enhancing overall asset protection.

·   Global Connectivity Leveraging cutting-edge communication technologies, our products ensure global connectivity, allowing you to track containers anywhere in the world. Stay informed, no matter how far your containers travel.

·   Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate our container tracking solutions into your existing systems with user-friendly interfaces and versatile compatibility. Enhance your operational capabilities without disrupting established workflows.

·    Extended Battery Life: The ST6100 and ST9100 are equipped with extended battery life, ensuring continuous tracking over extended periods, even during long-haul transportation.

·    Data Analytics: Harness the power of data with built-in analytics tools. Gain insights into transportation patterns, identify optimization opportunities, and make informed decisions to enhance overall efficiency.


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Next-Gen Container Tracking: ST6100 & ST9100 Unleashed