Customer Challenge:

The emergence of private network broadband as a prominent trend presents challenges for users seeking to build broadband networks. Traditional methods may prove unrealistic for many users, underscoring the need for operators with extensive broadband coverage and sales networks to offer viable solutions.


Our Solution:

Hytera's Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) solution leverages operators' existing broadband networks to deliver efficient, easy-to-maintain broadband private network solutions for operators' customers. With simple architecture and hierarchical management, our solutions empower operators to expand their customer base seamlessly.

Solution Features:

  • Rapid Deployment with a simple architecture
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance facilitated by professional management software.
  • Hierarchical Management for scalable expansion
  • End-to-End Solutions encompassing POC system products, PoC terminals, 4G core networks, and more.
  • Professional After Sales Service Team ensuring stable system operation.

  • Rich Operation and Maintenance Experience covering Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas

The Markets Associated with

Offering a Fresh Avenue for Business Expansion to Operators