Customer Challenge:

During emergencies, traditional communication networks may fail, leaving responders without vital communication channels. The urgency to establish a temporary communication network for search and rescue teams becomes critical to relay multimedia information to command centers. Efficient coordination and direct communication among team members are essential for effective response efforts, especially in challenging environments such as tall buildings, tunnels, and remote areas with limited network coverage.


Our Solution:

Our comprehensive emergency response communication solution features the E-Pack 100 products, equipped with WANET technology for rapid and flexible network deployment. These compact and lightweight systems facilitate quick response and networking, allowing seamless communication even in dynamic deployment scenarios. With direct mode operations and group calling capabilities, responders can communicate directly and efficiently, ensuring effective coordination and collaboration during critical operations.

Solution Features:

  • Quick Deployment and Flexible Networking with WANET technology
  • Direct Mode Operations for communication in remote areas and challenging environments
  • Group Calling functionality for efficient team coordination and information dissemination.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety features including Emergency Button, Man Down and Lone Worker alerts.
  • GPS Location Services for tracking and geo-fencing capabilities
  • Intrinsically Safe Operations certified for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • Tough design meeting MIL-STD-810G standards for durability and resilience
  • Hands-Free Wireless Operation with integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Ergonomic Design for ease of use in demanding conditions
  • Clearer Audio with noise-canceling technology for improved communication clarity



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Revolutionizing Emergency Communication: Our Solutions for Tough Environments