BT 320: Advanced Reefer Management for Temperature-Sensitive Cargo

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Transportation

The BT 320 offers comprehensive reefer management for refrigerated trucks and trailers, providing two-way temperature control, accurate asset tracking, and live status updates. With integrated FleetManager compatibility, this solution ensures the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo throughout transit. Compatible with any Reefer Unit, the BT 320 features two-way controls, real-time alerts, and advanced sensors for efficient management of temperature-sensitive cargo. Built tough to withstand extreme conditions, the BT 320 is the reliable choice for maintaining cargo integrity in harsh environments.

  • Two-way temperature control and alerts ensure efficient cargo management.
  • Real-time monitoring and notifications for hardware malfunctions and temperature variations.
  • Connectivity to EBS brake systems improves yard management and asset utilization.
  • Ruggedized design ensures reliable operation in harsh environments.

  • Compatible with any Reefer Unit for seamless integration and comprehensive reefer management.