FM 5000: Advanced In-Cab Coaching

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Transportation

The FM 5000 offers cutting-edge in-cab coaching technology to improve driver behaviour and enhance fleet safety. Utilizing state-of-the-art voice coaching, this device alerts drivers about speeding, aggressive driving, and seat belt usage, reducing liability risks and boosting fleet profitability. With dual-mode connectivity and a feature-rich design, the FM 5000 ensures compliance, enhances driver safety, and provides comprehensive fleet management capabilities.

  • State-of-the-art voice coaching technology improves driver behaviour and enhances safety.
  • Boosts fleet profitability by optimizing fuel usage, routing, and customer service.

  • Ensures speeding and seat belt compliance with advanced Speed-by-Street™ technology.
  • Offers dual-mode connectivity for uninterrupted communications and driver safety.
  • Versatile solution supports a wide range of vehicles and features an intuitive mobile app for enhanced fleet management.