GT 1210: Advanced Solar-Powered Tracking with Integrated Cargo Sensor

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Transportation

The ORBCOMM GT 1210 represents the next generation of solar-powered tracking devices, featuring integrated cargo sensors and advanced technology for enhanced reliability and ease of use in transport asset tracking. With improved solar charging capabilities, global LTE connectivity, and seamless integration options, the GT 1210 offers uninterrupted visibility of dry trailers, intermodal containers, and cargo, empowering businesses to optimize asset utilization, ensure cargo security, and streamline shipment delivery.

  • The GT 1210 features an integrated cargo sensor for real-time visibility of cargo status, enhancing asset tracking capabilities and ensuring cargo security.
  • With improved solar charging capabilities, the GT 1210 delivers longer-lasting battery life and faster charging, ensuring uninterrupted operation in various environmental conditions.
  • Global LTE connectivity with fallback options ensures seamless network switching and enhanced coverage, improving asset visibility and reliability.
  • Supports a range of sensors for comprehensive asset monitoring, including door sensors, temperature probes, and TPMS alert lights.
  • Offers flexible integration options with customizable applications and seamless integration with third-party systems, providing users with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • The GT 1210's rugged design allows for easy installation on various types of transportation assets, facilitating quick and efficient field installations.

  • Provides backup satellite connectivity for increased reliability and visibility in remote areas, ensuring uninterrupted asset tracking.