IS 400: Tractor ID Sensor

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Transportation

The ORBCOMM IS 400 Tractor ID Sensor revolutionizes trailer pairing confirmation, offering automated identification of tractor-trailer connections to improve driver efficiency and operational accuracy. With long-lasting battery life, automatic pairing capabilities, and seamless integration with telematics devices, the IS 400 ensures real-time visibility and enhanced management of fleet assets for transportation businesses.

  • Detects and pairs with trailers, reducing manual confirmation time and eliminating errors in tractor-trailer connections.
  • With a built-in battery designed to last over 7 years, the IS 400 ensures continuous operation without the need for external power sources.
  • Advanced smart pairing technology ensures precise wireless connections while filtering out nearby trailers, enhancing pairing accuracy.
  • Integrates seamlessly with ORBCOMM's telematics devices for enhanced fleet visibility and management, improving operational efficiency and reducing errors.
  • The IS 400 features a ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure, ensuring durability in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Provides real-time alerts to the back office when trailers are connected or disconnected, facilitating proactive fleet management and operational oversight.