MOTOTRBO™ SL2600 Two-Way Portable Radio

Sector DMR
Solutions Handheld

Upgrade your business communication with the MOTOTRBO SL2600 Two-Way Portable Radio, combining instant connectivity with a sleek and stylish design. This slim and lightweight device ensures seamless communication without compromising your professional look.


        Stylish and Discreet Design: The SL2600's slim profile (23mm thick) and lightweight build (190g) seamlessly integrate with professional attire, providing instant communication without compromising style.

        Effortless Navigation: The virtual keypad and display offer quick access to essential functions, ensuring you stay focused on your customers rather than your device.

        Wireless Connectivity: Connect discreetly to Bluetooth® earpieces and sensors, enabling hands-free operation while maintaining a smart, organized appearance.

        Over-the-Air Updates: Built-in Wi-Fi allows for convenient over-the-air updates, streamlining the update process for the entire fleet and saving valuable time for IT managers.

        Versatile Network Options: The SL2600 supports conventional and IP Site Connect operations, providing flexibility in linking multiple locations into a single network or scaling up to Capacity Plus for higher call capacity.