BP369 Ultra-lightweight Portable Business Radio

Sector DMR
Solutions Handheld

Versatile Portable Radio: This radio is super lightweight and can work in both digital and analogue modes, making it compatible with your existing communication systems. Crystal Clear Sound: It uses a professional noise cancellation technology for excellent sound quality. The design includes a large acoustic chamber to ensure outstanding audio. Efficient Communication: It offers a DMO Two-slot communication solution, similar to a Hytera Pseudo Trunk. This maximizes communication efficiency. Compact and Convenient: The radio is very easy to carry due to its compact size and a very small antenna. It won't weigh you down. Extended Range: It boasts a new RF solution for longer communication distances, improving your reach. Easy Management: You can charge, program, and update the radio using just one Type-C USB port. This simplifies maintenance and programming.

Versatile Portable Radio

Crystal Clear Sound

Efficient Communication

Extended Range