MOTOTRBO DP3000E Series Compact Portable Two-Way Radios

Sector DMR
Solutions Handheld

Elevate your communication capabilities with the dynamic evolution of MOTOTRBOTM digital two-way radios – the DP3000e Series. Designed for mobile professionals, these compact radios offer agility, superior connectivity, and enhanced safety. Packed with high-performance integrated voice and data features, the next-generation DP3000e Series ensures comprehensive connectivity for your organization.

        Agile Design: Compact and portable with an efficient short antenna, meeting ETSI DMR Standards and military ruggedness standards.

        Enhanced Safety: Responsive push-to-talk technology, prominent orange emergency button, and Transmit Interrupt feature for immediate assistance.

        Comprehensive Connectivity: Bluetooth® audio for wireless communication, integrated Wi-Fi for remote updates, and indoor/outdoor location tracking for total resource visibility.

        Advanced Features: Integrated accelerometer for optional Man Down detection, Multi-constellation GNSS for increased location accuracy, and Over-the-air software updates.

        Display Options: Choose between a non-display model (DP3441e) and a 5-line color display model (DP3661e) for easy viewing of additional information.

        Future-Ready: Supports trunking and legacy analogue technology, ensuring seamless connectivity as your organization grows.