PT 6000: Smart Reefer Control

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Transportation

The PT 6000 by ORBCOMM offers smart reefer control for optimized cold chain efficiency in refrigerated trailers, straight trucks, and other transport assets. With comprehensive remote fuel and temperature management, maintenance, logistics, and regulatory compliance features, the PT 6000 empowers data-driven decisions and ensures the integrity of temperature-controlled cargo throughout the supply chain. Featuring two-way communications, real-time alarms, and seamless integration with third-party software providers, the PT 6000 is the industry-leading solution for over-the-road cold chain telematics in North America.

  • Comprehensive remote fuel and temperature management for enhanced cold chain efficiency.
  • Real-time alarms and notifications ensure prompt response to critical conditions.
  • Seamless integration with third-party software providers for enhanced functionality.
  • Compact and rugged design ensures reliable operation in harsh environments.
  • Two-way communications enable remote control and monitoring of reefer units for optimal performance.