PT 7000: Rugged Telematics for Heavy Equipment Monitoring

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Heavy Industry

The ORBCOMM PT 7000 offers comprehensive monitoring and control for heavy equipment utilized in construction, mining, rail, and utility industries. As an integral component of a telematics solution comprising sensors, connectivity, and applications, the PT 7000 grants customers complete visibility into their heavy equipment fleet, enabling effective operational management through access to real-time data and analytics. Available in cellular or dual-mode satellite-cellular versions, the PT 7000 facilitates two-way communications, real-time alarms and notifications, and access to critical operational metrics for proactive fleet management globally.

  •   Available in cellular or dual-mode satellite-cellular versions, ensuring connectivity flexibility for diverse operational needs.
  •   Enables two-way communications and real-time alarms for prompt response to critical events and conditions.
  •   Provides access to key operational metrics and asset health monitoring for preventive maintenance and optimized resource allocation.
  •   Offers comprehensive fuel management, event-based alarms, and remote configuration capabilities, enhancing operational efficiency and equipment performance.

  •   Compact and rugged enclosure ensures durability in harsh operating environments, maintaining reliability in heavy-duty applications.