ST 6100: Advanced Global Satellite Terminal for Remote Asset Management

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Maritime

The ST 6100 is a next-generation satellite terminal offering global satellite connectivity for seamless communication with industrial assets in remote regions. With its rugged and versatile design, this terminal enables reliable tracking, monitoring, and control of assets in isolated areas, including light-and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, railcars, fishing vessels, and heavy equipment. Featuring two-way satellite connectivity, the ST 6100 is ideal for SCADA applications in the energy sector, providing uninterrupted visibility and control of fixed and portable assets such as pipelines, flow meters, pumps, generators, and tanks. Easy integration, comprehensive feature set, and fully programmable capabilities make the ST 6100 a valuable solution for utilities, energy, and other industries operating in challenging environments.

  • ST 6100 provides seamless global satellite connectivity for industrial assets, ensuring reliable communication in utilities, energy, and various industries.
  • Ideal for both mobile and fixed asset management, the ST 6100 caters to diverse deployment needs in commercial vehicles, railcars, vessels, and SCADA applications.
  • Powered by ORBCOMM technology, the ST 6100 features innovative antenna design for reliable connectivity on land and at sea, ensuring uninterrupted communication.
  • Offers a comprehensive feature set at great value, leveraging the latest IoT technology to future-proof solutions and meet evolving industry demands.
  • Leverages a broad set of integration tools and development kits for quick deployment of IoT and M2M solutions, ensuring ease of integration and deployment.

  • Provides unparalleled customer support to solution providers and system integrators, including activations, airtime, and ongoing support for seamless deployment and operation.