ST 9100: Dual Mode Satellite-Cellular Terminal for Diverse IoT Applications

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Maritime

The ORBCOMM ST 9100 Series offers a versatile, robust, and programmable dual-mode satellite-cellular terminal designed to address diverse IoT applications. Ideal for remote monitoring and control of fixed and portable assets, the ST 9100 is adaptable to various environments, making it perfect for operations in remote and rugged settings. With easy integration, feature-rich capabilities, and continuous operation, the ST 9100 Series ensures seamless connectivity and efficient data processing for enhanced IoT solutions.

  • ST 9100 Series offers dual-mode satellite-cellular connectivity, ensuring seamless communication in diverse IoT applications.
  • Provides a flexible programming environment for developing custom solutions and supporting market-specific terminal apps, facilitating quicker time to market.
  • With a backup battery for uninterrupted reporting during power interruptions, the ST 9100 Series ensures continuous operation and data transmission.
  • Enables airtime savings by automatically switching between cellular and satellite connectivity, optimizing data transmission costs.

  • The ST 9100 Series features a feature-rich, rugged, and versatile design, ensuring comprehensive integration resources for quick and efficient deployment.