BGAN PTT is a revolutionary push-to-talk solution designed for remote environments. Offering instant voice connectivity globally, it ensures seamless

Artificial Lift Monitoring

This solution is comprised of market leading wireless artificial lift sensors from Inmarsat’s partners, backhauled by Inmarsat IsatData Pro or BGAN


The challenge in the oil and gas industry lies in monitoring pipelines across vast distances and inhospitable terrain, where terrestrial connectivity


Enabling electricity providers to improve service uptime and reduce operational costs through control of infrastructure in remote locations.

IsatPhone 2: Unmatched Connectivity in the Toughest Environments

Discover unparalleled connectivity with Inmarsat's IsatPhone 2, a rugged and reliable satellite phone designed to thrive in the harshest conditions. F

BGAN : Unleashing Global Connectivity for Anywhere, Anytime Communication

Experience the unparalleled power of Inmarsat’s BGAN service for proven, reliable, and always-on connectivity. Our L-band satellite network sets the

IsatHub: Revolutionizing Global Connectivity for Smart Devices Beyond Borders

IsatHub, introduced by Inmarsat in 2014, has transformed global connectivity for smartphones and tablets across six continents. This groundbreaking se

Next-Gen Container Tracking: ST6100 & ST9100 Unleashed

The forefront of innovative container tracking solutions. Dive into a new era of efficiency and security with our cutting-edge products, the ST6100 an