EXPLORER Mobile Gateway (PTT Unit):

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The EXPLORER Mobile Gateway serves as the central hub that brings together all your in-vehicle communication devices, creating a seamless and integrated platform. This versatile unit offers a range of features designed to streamline and enhance your communication experience.

Key Features:

  • Radio Network Integration: Converts existing LMR/DMR radios into a future-proof Radio over IP solution.
  • Network Compatibility: Works with a variety of radio networks, including DMR, P25, TETRA, LTR, and Analogue.
  • Cellular Connectivity: Connects to two cellular USB modems (3G, 4G, LTE).
  • IP Network Integration: Links with IP-based networks, such as LAN, public cellular networks, and satellite, for comprehensive connectivity.
  • Seamless Voice and Data Routing: Efficiently routes voice and data across networks and carriers without any loss of connectivity.
  • User-Friendly Speaker Microphone: Equipped with a user-friendly speaker microphone with a display for easy control and access.