VM580D Ultra-Thin BWC with Remote Video Speaker Microphone

Sector Body Cam
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Experience the future of body-worn cameras with the Hytera VM580D, a smart 4G device that combines ultra-thin design with advanced features for precise and effective recording. Boasting an HD camera with immediate playback functionality, this next-generation body-worn camera is equipped with an integrated night vision function, automatically activated in low-light conditions, ensuring safe recording of events up to 10 meters away.


         Next-generation body-worn camera for precise and effective recording.

         HD camera and immediate playback function for quick video review.

         Automatic activation of night vision in low-light conditions for events up to 10 meters away.

         Ultra-thin design and one-handed operation alleviate the burden on field officers.

         A discreet and convenient solution, ensuring the safety and efficiency of recording in various situations.