CT 1000: Cost-effective Asset Tracking Device

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Transportation

Introducing the CT 1000, a cost-effective solar-powered GPS tracking device designed to track previously unmonitored assets with affordability and reliability. With infrequent pings and low-cost upkeep, the CT 1000 offers fleet managers affordable asset visibility, enabling them to optimize operations and improve fleet management. Built for durability and ease of deployment, this device provides real-time location reporting, geofencing capabilities, and seamless connectivity across the globe.

  • The CT 1000 provides insights into fleet efficiency with real-time and historical location reporting, enabling better operational decisions.
  • With its quick installation process and minimal upkeep requirements, the CT 1000 ensures hassle-free deployment and scalability.
  • Designed with a rugged enclosure and top-rated certifications, the CT 1000 is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • ORBCOMM's global IoT SIM offers connectivity across 565 networks in 180 countries, ensuring seamless coverage for trailers and intermodal containers worldwide.

  • The CT 1000's solar-powered battery ensures continuous operation and reduces dependency on external power sources, making it ideal for remote deployments.