HP709 UL913

Sector DMR
Solutions Handheld

 Elevate your communication standards with the Hytera HP709 UL913, a cutting-edge Intrinsically Safe DMR Portable Two-Way Radio. This next-generation device sets new benchmarks in both style and functionality, redefining the norms of digital radio technology. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, it delivers loud and crystal-clear audio, boasts a robust battery life, exceptional portability, and rugged durability. Specifically crafted for professionals in oil and gas, fire and rescue, mining, and airport operations, this radio is tailored for hazardous environments with potential exposure to explosive gases or flammable dust.

·         UL913, CSA, and TIA4950 Certified: This radio meets the rigorous safety standards of UL913, CSA, and TIA4950, ensuring safe operation in environments with explosive gases and dust particles.


·         Clear and Loud Audio: Utilizing AI-based noise cancellation technology, the HP709 UL913 filters unwanted background noise, delivering unparalleled audio clarity in noisy conditions. The optimized powerful loudspeaker ensures clear communication even in challenging environments.


·         Large and Distinctive Buttons: Featuring tactile PTT and emergency buttons, this intrinsically safe digital radio enables blind operations in challenging environments. Operatives can quickly summon help or contact control centers in emergencies.


·         Smart Explosion-Proof Battery: The radio supports a smart Explosion-Proof battery, allowing easy monitoring of battery status, including lifetime, and charging time. The Explosion-Proof Battery Identification feature enhances safety by preventing the use of non-Ex batteries.


·         Safety Features You Can Rely On: Optional digital mode Lone Worker, Man Down, and Emergency Button with call interrupt ensure that safety alarms are raised, even in busy channels. Trust in advanced safety features for enhanced operational security.