HP789 UL913 Next generation professional digital two-way radios

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Empower your production environment with the Hytera HP789 UL913, a state-of-the-art Intrinsically Safe Digital Radio designed for high-risk operations. This professional-grade radio ensures safe and efficient instant communications, keeping operatives seamlessly connected with their team members. The HP789 UL913 sets new benchmarks in digital radio technology, delivering enhanced efficiency, reliability, and communication capabilities with loud and clear audio, a robust battery, remarkable portability, and rugged durability.


·         UL913, CSA, and TIA4950 Certified: Compliant with USA UL913, Canada CSA, and TIA4950 standards, the HP789 UL913 is certified for safe operation in hazardous environments with explosive gases and dust particles.


·         Efficient Instant Communications: Tailored for high-risk production environments, this radio keeps operatives connected at all times, fostering safe and efficient instant communications crucial for productivity.


·         Loud and Clear Audio: The HP789 UL913 utilizes advanced audio technology to provide loud and clear communication, ensuring effective team coordination even in challenging conditions.


·         Powerful Battery for Increased Productivity: Equipped with a robust battery, this intrinsically safe digital radio supports extended usage, enhancing productivity in demanding work environments.


·         Remarkable Portability and Rugged Design: Designed for reliability in the field, the radio combines remarkable portability with a rugged exterior, ensuring durability in challenging operational settings.