MOTOTRBO™ DM1400 Mobile Radio

Sector DMR
Solutions Mobile/Fixed

Enhance mobile efficiency in cargo delivery, truck dispatch, or public transportation with the MOTOTRBO™ DM1400 Analogue/Digital Mobile Radio. This reliable and cost-effective solution facilitates seamless team communication, coordination, and collaboration for maximum efficiency and safety, catering to the everyday driver's needs without distractions. The DM1400 offers superior audio quality, extended coverage, and compatibility with essential MOTOTRBO™ features, including Transmit Interrupt for critical communications.

        Mobile Efficiency Working for You: Reliable solution for cargo delivery, truck dispatch, and public transportation. Facilitates seamless team communication, coordination, and collaboration. Designed for everyday drivers, ensuring connectivity without distractions.

        Analogue/Digital Capability: Benefits of digital technology, including superior voice quality and extended range. Compatibility with existing radio fleets, allowing a gradual migration to the latest technology. Simple software upgrade enables transition from analogue to digital capability.

        Transmit Interrupt Capability: Allows supervisors to interrupt conversations for critical communication delivery. Prioritizes essential messages exactly when and where needed.  

        Advanced Features and Compatibility: Numeric display for a clear, simple view of channel numbers. Compatible with Radio Management Suite for efficient radio programming. Dual Capacity Direct Mode utilizes 2-slot TDMA DMR Standard to double channel capacity without a repeater.

        Durable Design for Challenging Environments: IP54 rated, dustproof, and splashproof for confidence in challenging work environments. Enables work in various conditions while maintaining optimal performance.