MOTOTRBO™ DM2600 Digital Mobile Two-Way Radio

Sector DMR
Solutions Mobile/Fixed

Empower your workforce with the MOTOTRBO™ DM2600 Digital Mobile Two-Way Radio, providing compact and capable communication solutions for tasks such as cargo pickup or passenger transportation. As part of the MOTOTRBO family, the DM2600 embraces digital radio technology, offering integrated voice systems, twice the calling capacity, and clearer voice communications. Intelligent Audio adjusts radio volume based on background noise, ensuring calls are never missed. With seamless migration from analogue to digital, Transmit Interrupt for critical communication, and features like Alphanumeric Display, this radio delivers affordable digital voice systems capability with clarity and ease.

        Power of Digital Communications: Compact and capable mobile radios for enhanced connectivity. Best-in-class digital technology with integrated voice systems capability. Intelligent Audio adjusts radio volume to adapt to background noise.

        Analogue/Digital Capability: Benefits of digital technology, including better voice quality, extended range, and improved battery life. Gradual migration from analogue to digital at your own pace and budget. Compatible with advanced MOTOTRBO business-essential features, including Transmit Interrupt for critical communication.

        Alphanumeric Display: High-contrast alphanumeric display for clear information, including caller ID, channel number, and contacts.  

        Over the Air Programming (OTAP): Manages, writes, and reads up to 5,000 radio configurations over the air for efficient programming.

        Enhanced Privacy and IMPRES Audio: Built-in encryption for increased security. IMPRES audio accessories provide loud, clear, and intelligible communication in both analogue and digital modes.

        Systems Capability: Experience wide-reaching coverage with MOTOTRBO, utilizing IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, and Linked Capacity Plus for various network expansions.

        Durable Design: IP54 rated, protecting the radio from driving rain and ensuring reliability in challenging weather conditions.