MOTOTRBO R2 Portable Two-Way Radio

Sector DMR
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The MOTOTRBO R2 Portable Two-Way Radio is a reliable everyday workhorse, combining durability and ergonomics for confident and easy handling in diverse work environments. With an IP55 rating and meeting MIL-STD-810 requirements, the R2 withstands conditions such as dust and wet landscapes, ensuring all-weather confidence. Slim, lightweight, and featuring a long-lasting battery, this radio provides uninterrupted communication during a full shift. With noise suppression technology, long-range capability, selectable audio profiles, and seamless integration with existing MOTOTRBO devices, the R2 delivers a simplified user experience and a cost-effective migration solution.

        All-Weather Confidence: IP55 rating and MIL-STD-810 compliance for durability in diverse work environments. Designed to withstand dust, wet landscapes, and more with ease.

        Slim & Lightweight Design: Weighing less than 290g with a high-capacity battery, engineered for everyday business use. Endured rigorous Accelerated Life Testing program (ALT) for up to 5 years of field use.

        Full-Shift Battery Life: Slim, high-density battery ensures the radio won't wear down before shift change. LED light signals low battery charge state.

        Noise Suppression (SINC+): Advanced noise suppressor eliminates disruptive background noise. Ideal for maintaining clarity near loud machinery and in noisy environments.

        Long-Range Capability: High receiver sensitivity, high-efficiency antennas, and high interference immunity for clear audio over a long distance. Ideal for large warehouses or fields with spread-out workforces.

        Selectable Audio Profiles: Amplify low, middle, or high frequencies to suit listening preferences and environmental needs. Loud speaker and low distortion ensure clear message delivery.

        Simplified User Experience: Easy-to-program and familiar design for managing a busy day. Continued support to minimize downtime with labeled packaging, QR code for support materials, and standard/optional service offerings.

        Foolproof Sweet Spot (PTT Button): Contoured push-to-talk button with a large sweet spot for quick activation. Purpose-built Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) for added convenience.

        Seamless Integration: Compatible with select MOTOTRBO chargers and audio accessories. Familiar user interface for a workforce using DP1400 devices, enabling a low-cost, easy-to-manage migration.