ORBCOMM Satellite Modems: OG2/OGi for Seamless Connectivity

Sector IOT / M2M
Solutions Heavy Industry

ORBCOMM's suite of satellite modems, including the OG2-M, OG2-GPS, and OGi modems, offers robust connectivity solutions for OEM systems integrators. Designed for easy integration into M2M solutions, these modems provide reliable connectivity over ORBCOMM and Inmarsat satellite networks, catering to various industries such as marine, heavy equipment, and transportation.

  • ORBCOMM's OG2 and OGi modems provide seamless connectivity over ORBCOMM and Inmarsat networks, catering to diverse industry needs.
  • Share common interfaces for quick plug-and-play integration, reducing development time and resources.
  • With a small footprint and low profile, ORBCOMM modems fit seamlessly into various hardware solutions.
  • OG2 modems offer low power consumption and GPS capabilities, while OGi modems ensure low latency and global connectivity for mission-critical applications.

  • The ORBCOMM Developer Kit includes everything needed to get started with satellite modem integration, simplifying the setup process for developers and OEMs.